Top 10 Unusual Cocktail Inspired Desserts

Are your taste buds after something really different, fantastically delicious and unique? Well, cocktail stimulated desserts will surely satisfy all your senses. You will have much more fun while cooking and when it was for party arrives, all your best friend will be impressed. There are various categories of desserts inspired by famous cocktails, from Mexican Margarita cupcakes to Cuban Mojito cakes. You only have to pick up your favorite cocktail and transform it in an amazing and creative dessert. They are something special and altogether unusual. So, be creative and bring some Margaritas to the table. Your guests are impatient! Here you will find top 10 ideas to make amazing cocktail stimulated desserts.

10Espresso Martini Mousse Cake

Top 10 Unusual Cocktail Inspired Desserts

It is definitely time for some dessert martinis!  There is nothing better than finishing a lunch with this delish pleasure. A mouth full with happiness.