Top 10 Puff Pastry Bites to Serve at Parties

The reason why so many people adoration parties is exactly because of the food- some love to prepare it, while others to eat it. If you’re the type of person who considers themselves as the first( or even the both !), then you know how challenging can cooking be.

One of the best foods to serve as appetizers at parties are the puff pasty bites. They are very easy to prepare and depending on your preferences, they can be prepared with just few ingredients. For this case, we picked ten puff pastry bites for you and you can find both sweet and savory recipes to serve at your parties.

9Strawberry Pastry Bites

Top 10 Puff Pastry Bites to Serve at Parties

Perfect as after lunch or dinner treat, these tart puff bites with strawberry cream cheese and fresh strawberry on top take so little time to be ready! To prepare, you need 1 sheet puff tart, thawed for 40 minutes, 1 egg and about 3/4 cup strawberry cream cheese. For topping, you can use fresh strawberries and add a teaspoon of honey on each puff bite.

For the Recipe: